Culture is the basis of spiritual renewal


  • Students of “APEC PetroTechnic” Higher college met with a theologian of the Center for Assistance to victims of destructive religious movements “Shapagat” Atyrau region.
  • During the meeting, the work of the foundation and a number of good deeds done so far were discussed.
  • The fate of the victims of the alien movement was discussed. Students were taught to avoid sects that seem vague and incomprehensible.
  • The students talked a lot about the main golden pillar of education – the family.
  • “Wisdom and upbringing of the Kazakh people are a deep-rooted heritage. From time immemorial, our ancestors’ main goal was to educate the younger generation to love the country and the land, to be noble and comprehensive.”
  • At the end of the event, a theologian from the Shapagat Public Foundation called on students to work together and hold joint charity events.
  • The staff of the college presented a memorable gift to a qualified theologian who came to the university.