• Specialty: Oil and gas production technology 0821000
    • Training period: 2 years 10 months (based on secondary (complete) general education)

                                                   3 years 10 months (based on secondary (incomplete) basic education)

    • Language of instruction: English
    • Full-time form of education
    • Qualification: Technologist for drilling and maintenance of drilling and lifting equipment 082101 3

    About the specialty: Students studying in this field study geology, drilling, seismic, the structure of rocks and oil reservoirs. This specialty is related to “Drilling of oil and gas wells and drilling technology”, but wider profile.

    • Career opportunities: A graduate of this specialty can hold positions:
    • Assistant driller (1,2,3-bit) with small wells;
    • Assistant driller (1,2,3,4,5-bits) with deep wells;

    In the practical development of the position of assistant driller at the level, can be transferred, at the discretion of the employer, to the position of driller, with an increase in drilling technology and further to the position of a drilling master.