Specialty: Operation of oil and gas fields 4S07240902

Duration of training: 2 years 10 months (on the basis of secondary (full)general education)

                                              3 years 10 months (on the basis of secondary (incomplete) basic education)

Language: English

Form of study: full-time

Qualification: Technician-technologist 4S07240902

About the specialty: The operation of oil and gas fields is the entire engineering and technological process that determines the characteristics of the fields and includes seismics, geology, a course on the technology of drilling oil and gas wells and a detailed study of the technological process of oil and gas production.

Students ‘ practice: In the production workshop of ARES PetroTechnic Higher College LLP, the masters of industrial training will familiarize themselves with the scheme, device and principle of operation of modern equipment. From the second year, students go to field practice at the fields, where they consolidate their knowledge in practice, get acquainted in detail with the complex of equipment used in the operation and collection of oil.

Career opportunities:

Graduates can work in any company in the oil and gas sector, holding such positions as:

  • oil and gas production operator (by category);
  • well research operator;
  • operator of Cattle (Well Overhaul);
  • operator of technological installations;
  • remote control operator with a promotion to master