Vaccination is a way to overcome the epidemic

Students of the College held a meeting with the chief physician of Polyclinic No. 7 Gulnafis Tanbayeva. The meeting was held in online and offline formats.

The main topic is measures to prevent the epidemic. A qualified specialist spoke about the main symptoms of coronavirus and ways to avoid it.

There was also a widespread talk about the vaccine, which is the only cure for the epidemic. During the discussion, an open dialogue was organized, where students asked questions to the medical worker and received appropriate answers to their questions.

️ ️ Gulnafis Тanbayeva, Chief Physician of Polyclinic No. 7: “the only thing that intensively fights the epidemic is vaccination. Through vaccination, we build collective immunity. By getting a vaccine, you protect yourself, your environment, and your family from the virus. The most important thing is not to believe the various misinformation spreading in the social network. Get vaccinated and think about tomorrow.”