The COVID-19 coronavirus infection affects different groups of people to varying degrees. The majority of infected people have a mild or moderate form of the disease, and they do not need hospitalization.
Frequently observed symptoms:
loss of sense of smell and taste.
Some infected people may also experience:
sore throat;
various other pain sensations;
skin rash or discoloration of the skin on the fingers or toes;
redness or irritation of the eyes.
Symptoms of a severe form of the disease:
difficulty breathing or shortness of breath;
impaired speech or motor functions or confusion;
chest pain.
If you have symptoms of a severe form of the disease, seek medical help immediately. Before visiting a clinic or hospital, call and warn about your visit.
People who have moderate symptoms and no other diseases are recommended symptomatic treatment at home.
On average, 5-6 days pass between the moment of infection and the appearance of symptoms, but in some cases this period may take up to 14 days.