APEC PetroTechnic covers an area of 8.5 hectares. The building has a capacity of 1400 students and

up to 600 residents were built in 2013 in accordance with construction standards and with

taking into account all security measures. APEC PetroTechnic is equipped with a medical center capable of

provide first aid 24/7. The object is under 24-hour surveillance

agency security guards with security cameras installed around the perimeter.

— The availability of transport allows you to perform a transfer from the airport / train station to the training center

center and back;

— The presence of a parking area will allow vehicles to move freely and safely and

to the company’s listeners due to the presence of pedestrian crossings.

— 4 rooms of the “Luxury” category

— 6 rooms of the “Standard”category

— 200 seats of the “Economy” category

— Dining room for 300 people

—  Cafe for 60 people

— Coffee break

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