1) Who can participate in the competition for admission to APEC PetroTechnic?
9 classes and 11 classes, colleges and universities can participate in the competition for admission to APEC Petrotechnic.

2) Is there an age limit?
Persons under the age of 35 can participate in the competition for admission to APEC PetroTechnic.

3) I have an education (certificate of secondary general education, diploma of higher education), can I take part in the competition for admission to APEC PetroTechnic?
Yes, you can participate in the contest.

4) What package of documents do I need to submit to participate in the APEC PetroTechnic program training competition?
List of documents:
– 4 pcs. photo 3 x 4
– Identity cards /birth certificate
– The original of the document on education (certificate, diploma)
– Certificate No. 075 with an attached photo (original) (a snapshot is required)
– For quota recipients, a document confirming the need for benefits (large families, disability, orphan)
– Folder plastic folder-10 sheets

5) How long will the English language proficiency exam take?
The English language exam is held from 1 to 3 hours.

The result of the entrance test is sent by the College to the Portal for participation in the state order training competition (hereinafter referred to as the Competition)
The competition is conducted by the Portal by automated distribution of applicants according to the average competitive score of assessments of compulsory and specialized subjects in accordance with the document on education, as well as taking into account the admission quota

6) Is housing provided to nonresident applicants for the period of entrance exams?
No, accommodation is not provided for the period of entrance exams. At the same time, there is a hotel on campus where you can stay at affordable prices.

7) Is a certificate of employment provided for the period of passing the entrance exams?
Yes, for the period of passing the entrance exams, it is possible to provide a certificate at the place of requirement.

8) In what specialties can I study at APEC PetroTechnic?

The college has 8 specialties

Technology of oil and gas production.
Exploitation of oil and gas fields.
Chemical technology and production.
Drilling of oil and gas wells and drilling technology.
Power supply.


Automation and control of technological processes.


9) How long does it take to study at APEC PetroTechnic?
The duration of training in specialties is 2 years 10 months (based on 11kl)
3 years 10 months (based on 9kl)

10) I don’t speak English — can I enroll in APEC PetroTechnic?
The training is conducted in English. Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge of English for admission. Applicants with a TOEFL certificate of more than 60 points, IELTS of more than 4 points are exempt from taking the English exam.

11) Is the training paid or free?
APEC PetroTechnic has budget and commercial groups.

12) How many points do you need to score to get to a budget (grant) place in the specialty?
The required amount of points to get to a budget (grant) place is not set in advance, since those who have scored the highest number of competitive points will be credited. At the same time, a high average score of the Certificate gives a better chance of admission.

13) How much is the scholarship of an APEC PetroTechnic student?
The scholarship of the APEC Petrotechnic student in 2022 is 20948 tenge.

14) Will the hostel be provided to nonresidents?
The College provides dormitories to nonresident students, including from the district centers of Atyrau region on a fee basis. 120,000 tenge per year.

15) Is it possible to combine training in specialties with evening work?
It is possible to combine students studying at APEC PetroTechnic with a non-full-time job.

16) Is there distance learning, evening, distance learning? Is it possible to combine college education with work, in particular for shift workers?
Full-time training at APEC PetroTechnic. Correspondence, evening and distance learning are not provided. Also, due to the full school day, it is impossible to combine study with work, including with the shift method.

17) Do we guarantee employment for those who have been trained at APEC PetroTechnic?
The College has established partnerships with the largest organizations in the country, including oil and gas companies, but we do not give a 100% guarantee of employment. In general, the work arrangement depends on the student’s personal achievements, hard work and desire.

18) Is it possible to transfer to us from another college?
You can transfer to APEC PetroTechnic. It is necessary to write an application addressed to the director. In case of vacancies, you will be contacted.
Next, it is necessary to pass the entrance exams, the difference of disciplines on a general basis.

19) The quality of training — what?
The training is conducted in English. The training programs are based on an individual approach to each student. Training sessions consist of theoretical and practical classes, while the share of training practice is at least 50%. Students conduct laboratory classes using the latest equipment.  Upon graduation, each graduate will receive a state-issued diploma recognized by employers.  This indicates the high quality of education.

20) What is the teaching staff?
At APEC Petrotechnic, training is conducted by Kazakhstani teachers.

21) While studying at APEC Petrotechnic, I would like to change my specialty, where should I go for advice?
Contact the academic part of APEC Petrotechnic College.

*The procedure for changing the specialty for holders of a state grant is more complicated

22) -When can I apply for admission?
– from June 25 on the EDUS portal /

23) How do I get an online service for submitting documents to the EGOV?

24) Is it necessary for one of the parents to participate in the conclusion of the contract?
If you are under 18 — yes, absolutely.