Muratbek Zhandos Muratbekovich

Deputy Director for Production and Commercial Activities

In 1999, he graduated from Almaty Polytechnic College with a degree in Technician-technologist. In 2003, he graduated from Almaty Technological University with a degree in International Economics. In 2017, he graduated from the financial Academy of Astana with a degree in Information Technology and was awarded an academic bachelor’s degree.

He started his career in 2003 as a sales manager of Winsystems LLP
From 2005 to 2010, he worked as an it Coordinator of Central Asian oil LLP and JV tenge.
From 2010 to 2012, he worked in the National Information Technologies JSC as the general coordinator of the NCC or in the PSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
From 2012 to 2015, he was deputy head of the IT service of Lokomotiv kurastyru zauyty JSC in Astana.
From 2015 to 2019, he was an expert of the IT Department of Jusan Bank (Tsesnabank JSC).
From 2019 to 2022, deputy head of it at Atyrau refinery LLP
From 2022 to 2023, he is the project manager of KMG-Kumkol LLP in Astana.
Since 2023, he has been appointed to the position of deputy director for production and commercial activities.

Awards: “120 years of Kazakhstan oil” and 75 years of Atyrau oil refinery.