Enterprise: APEC PetroTechnic Higher College Limited Liability Partnership
Full time, permanent job, normal working conditions
Region Atyrau region / Atyrau city
Place of work, Nursaya microdistrict, Elorda avenue, house 24
Number of vacancies: 1
Job responsibilities:
Plans and coordinates educational and production work.
Carries out control and analysis of educational and production work.
Participates in the scheduling of training sessions and monitors their implementation.
Ensures timely preparation of established reporting documentation.
Carries out the selection and placement of personnel for industrial training, recommends them to the head.
Organizes the study of modern technology and production technology, the creation of new and refurbishment of existing classrooms, workshops, laboratories.
Supervises the work of the senior foreman, masters of industrial training, heads of industrial, professional and undergraduate practice, analyzes the work of teachers of special disciplines.
Carries out the organization and conduct of the final certification of graduates of the educational organization.
It studies, distributes and puts into practice innovative and developmental elements of education.
Organizes work to ensure accounting, safety and replenishment of the educational and material base, compliance with the rules of the sanitary and hygienic regime, safety and labor protection in workshops and in production.
Ensures timely preparation of established reporting documentation.
Corresponds to the performance indicators of managers and deputy heads
organizations of technical and vocational, post-secondary education,
presented when assigning (confirming) qualification categories higher and (or) postgraduate pedagogical education or other higher and (or) postgraduate professional education in the relevant profile and length of service
work in educational organizations for at least five years or enterprises (organizations) corresponding to the profile of the organization of education in managerial positions for at least one year with professional pedagogical retraining.

Requirements for the applicant
Must have a certificate of attestation, qualifications
“head organizer”, “head manager” or “head leader”, knowledge
English at the Intermediate level.

Professional skills
Drawing up curricula, schedules, plans for organizing the educational process in
conditions of credit-modular technology;
Arrangement of teaching staff;
Knowledge of the system of evaluation, control, preparation and holding of events;
Management of educational activities and organization of industrial training and
professional practice; Organization and holding of seminars;
Planning and conducting research on the educational environment; higher

Personal qualities: Independence and responsibility; Systems thinking; Cooperation and interaction;
Contact details pibraeva@apec.edu.kz
+7 (712)2 76 04 54, 8 701 920 91 72