Drilling of oil and gas wells and drilling technology

Speciality: Drilling of oil and gas wells and drilling technology 0800000

Training period: 2 years 10 months (based on secondary (complete) general education)

  • 3 years 10 months (based on secondary (incomplete) basic education)
    • Language of instruction: English
    • Full-time form of education
    •  Qualification: Technician-technologist 080114 3


    About the specialty: This profile includes studying the technology of drilling oil and gas wells and the drilling equipment used, the preparation, cleaning and chemical treatment of drilling fluids, fixing and cementing wells, the technology of opening and testing productive strata, technical and economic indicators and documentation in drilling. The driller has extensive knowledge in prospecting, exploration, production and operation of oil and gas wells and takes part in geological exploration operations.

    Students Internship : During the educational process, the student passes the follo • Locksmith;

    • on introduction to the specialty;
    • the acquisition of a work profession;
    • to study the technology of production and equipment at drilling enterprises;
    • for solving industrial situations;
    • on the analysis of the quality of drilling and cement mortar;
    • study of well injection technology;
    • production and technological;
    • undergraduate practice.


    Career opportunities: Specialists are in demand in companies engaged in exploration and production of minerals, in gold mining and oil and gas companies as riggers, drill drivers, drillers. The main duties are the exploitation and exploration of wells. Often drillers are part of the exploration party. A feature of this profession is the work of the shift method.


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