Rent of premises

APEC PetroTechnic offers following rental premises:

Assembly hall

Assembly hall is decorated as an amphitheater and designed for 300 seats. Our assembly hall is provided with the necessary equipment  – light sky, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, projector, screen and there is a dressing room as well.

Assembly hall is  perfectly suited  for official events, awards and concerts.

Phone: 76 04 56 (1000)



Spacious, fully equipped state of gym with dressing rooms and bathrooms is ideal for tournaments, competitions, football/ volleyball/ basketball games.

Moreover, you can organize exhibitions, fairs, sport broadcastings there.

Phone: 76 04 56

            Rinat Temirbulatov


Conference room

Conference room with 50 seats is equipped with corresponding appliances. Conference room is suitable for company meetings, conferences, symposia, seminars, courses and trainings. Tables and chairs can be arranged to meet your requirements.






Our hostel is the best place to accommodate your guests. Each block provides 2 rooms (2, 3, 4 or 6-beds) and bathroom.

All the rooms feature an en suite bathroom and free WiFi. There are a kitchen, a laundry room, peaceful, charming, cozy lounge if you wish to read a book, to have a great time in a pleasant company. Free WiFi is available in all areas.


Quadruple room

Double bed room


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