APEC PetroTechnic Higher College LLP was opened in 2012. This educational institution provides training in 6 specialties of oil and gas profile:

1. Oil and gas well drilling and drilling technology (by profile)

2. Oil and gas fields exploitation (by profile)

3. Oil and gas production technology

4. Chemical engineering technology

5. Instrumentation Engineering Technology

6. Power supply (by industry)

Each year, the state allocates funds for student education on a budgetary basis. Training is conducted in English. Classes are taught by qualified teachers, most of whom have been trained abroad (in Canada, in the UK), all of them are fluent in native English.


The learning process is structured in such a way that more attention is given to the student’s practical knowledge. Monthly job fairs are organized, where 2,3 year students submit their resumes and are interviewed by partner companies. From the 2nd year students are sent to industrial practice. Naturally, the higher the level of knowledge, the
more likely to get practice in a large oil and gas company. By specialty Chemical Engineering Technology, the specialized subject is chemistry. For other specialties - mathematics. Mandatory subjects: English and the history of Kazakhstan. English is handed over in two stages: testing and interviewing. The day of exams will be determined by the selection committee.

Student Requirements:

1. Attendance

2. Preparedness

3. Activity in the classroom and in student life.

For nonresident students, rural youth, a hostel is provided, which is located on the territory of the college.

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