Power supply

  • Specialty: Power supply (by sectors or industry) 0902000

    Studying period: 2 years 10 months (based on secondary (complete) general education)

    3 years 10 months (based on secondary (incomplete) basic education)

    Language of studying: English

    Full-time form of education

    Qualification: electrical technician 090203 3

    About specialty:

    Students studying under this program study the methods of production, conversion, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy. The knowledge obtained at APEC PetroTechnic High College LLP, the graduates perfectly demonstrate at the plant when setting up, operating and repairing electrical equipment of electrical substations, power transmission lines and distribution networks.

    Student’s internship:

    The production practice takes place in two stages: practice in the specialty profile and pre-diploma practice. As a rule, the practice takes place in power supply, electric grid and industrial enterprises, in electromechanical workshops and electrical laboratories, as well as in organizations engaged in the design of power supply devices.

    Career opportunities: Graduates of this program can find employment both in the oil and gas company and in the construction industry and not only. Extensive opportunities give the right to work in any area where the organization of maintenance, adjustment, operation, repair of electrical substation equipment and power supply networks is required. Particularly in demand this profession in the field of energy, in power plants.


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