Nauryz is a holiday with an ancient history, the eastern new year, which marked the awakening of nature, the arrival of warmth and prosperity. The main spring festival of the peoples of Asia with its multi-thousand-year history is celebrated on March 22 and coincides with the day of the spring equinox, when spring already comes into its own half. This time symbolizes the eternal celebration of the unity of nature and man, their inseparable organic connection.
As part of the execution of the educational plan for the 2018-2019 school year, and on the eve of the celebration of NAÝRYZ -2019, the department for working with students developed an action plan and issued an order for the college.
On March 19, in all groups, there were hours of communication in which class teachers, using various forms, told students about the features and traditions of this holiday. The librarian of the college prepared and demonstrated a slide program “Holiday Update” for freshmen.
On March 20, the celebration of “Nauryz -2019” took place in the main hall of the college. For this, a festive banner was installed on both sides of which the yurta “kerege” element was placed in a festive decoration with household items (bed (tosekagash), food storage (kebezh), chests for things (sandyk), stand (zhuyak), dishes: for kumys – saba, as well as metal products: tripod – mos, jug – kuman, terme alasha (carpets).

A festive concert was held in this zone. Students of the 1-2 course greeted their guests with “Shashu”. Having arranged them for festive dastarkhan, they began a small production in which the viewer could learn about the origin and significance of this ancient holiday.
Thin fingers deftly run across the strings of dombra. The tune of horses, the rustle of the wind, and even distant echoes of long-past battles are clearly heard in the melody. These sounds fill you all, sneaking in even the deepest corners of the soul, causing an incredible sense of admiration and expectation of beauty. It is precisely these sounds that filled the corridors of the college thanks to the students, who for a few minutes immersed all the listeners in the wonderful world of music…
Further, special attention was paid to the knowledge of the traditions of the Kazakh people: Quda tusu, Syrga salu, Qyz uzatu, Besik toi, Tusau kesu.

Both students, and curators, employees actively participated.
Thanks to this event, everyone could feel the approach of a great holiday – Nauryz-2019!
What a holiday without a show of strength and courage of our defenders! Similarly, APEC PetroTechnic College held competitions in arm wrestling, lifting weights, and rope pulling during the celebration of Nauryz.
They didn’t forget about the original Kazakh game alchiki. Competitors experienced not only the ability to move their muscles, but also their brains. How? An alternative to the ancient game of chess, which develops strategic thinking, fosters patience and fortitude, togyzkumalak.

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