1 фонThe APEC PetroTechnic Higher College is a unique educational institution of a new type, engaged in personnel training for the country’s oil and gas industry.

2 студента

The training is conducted in English, the language of the world oil and gas industry, which will ensure the flexibility of graduates’ employment and meet the requirements of future employers.

One of the main features of APEC PetroTechnic is the use of innovative educational programs. The content of each of them is developed taking into account international standards and advanced world experience, as well as the requirements of foreign and Kazakh oil and gas companies.


An important point is the nature of the training, according to which students will be taught practical work skills, not theoretical knowledge. In workshops equipped with modern equipment, production processes that correspond to real ones are recreated. Thanks to this, the graduate will be able to start the work at the factory immediately and qualitatively.

Special attention should be paid to the infrastructure created, which contributes not only to effective teaching, but also to the active social life of students: modern classrooms, spacious and equipped workshops for practicing practical skills, a multifunctional gym, a gym and much more.

On the territory of APEC PetroTechnic there is also a hostel with a capacity of 480 seats.

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