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Welcome to the website of APEC PetroTechnic Higher College!

In the FAQ section you will find answers to all the relevant questions. We tried to cover as much as possible the spheres of interest to you.

Of course, first of all, these are the answers to questions concerning education.


Question 1 What documents are required for admission?

According to paragraph 5.2 of the admission rules for the 2017-2018 academic year, the applicant must attach to the application for admission to the original document of education, a medical certificate, in the form No. 086-U, with the application of a fluorescent (for invalids of Groups I and II and invalids since childhood the conclusion of medical and social expertise), 8 photos in size 3x4, original medical certificate on form 063, binder and 8 files.

Question 2 When does the reception of documents take place?

Documents are accepted from June 20 to August 20 inclusive

Question 3 When can I take the entrance exam?

Entrance examinations are taken from August 1 to August 30, according to the timetable approved by the Admissions Committee

Question 4 How many points do I need to earn for admission?

Pass mark is 30 points

Question 5 What subjects are the entrance examinations taken in?

Three subjects. They are English language and the History of Kazakhstan, profile subjects to choose from: Chemistry or Mathematics

Question 6 Do I have to take entrance examinations?

If there is a document confirming that the applicant has passed both stages (already formerly) of the UNT, then in this case it is enough only to pass the English language. Also, this option is possible if the applicant already has a higher education.

Question 7 How can I prepare for the exams?

On the website of APEC PetroTechnic Higher College LLP there are trial tests. Having handed them over, you can test your strength. Moreover, from this year on the basis of the College, Foundation course is being organized. You can sign up for it by calling 8 (7122) 76 04 56.

Question 8 What if I have a low level of English? Are there training courses at the college?

As mentioned earlier, this year the Foundation course is being started on the basis of the College. It includes 8 months of studying English. Classes will be held 5 times a week for 1.5 hours.

Question 9 Is it possible not to take the final attestation and UNT?

Of course, since we have our entrance exams.

Question 10 Where will I live? Is there a hostel?

A dormitory with a capacity of 480 seats was opened on the basis of the College. The cost is 30 000 tenge per year.

Question 11 How much does the training cost?

According to the educational grant the year of study is 352 500 tenge. But there is an opportunity and income on the budget. It all depends on the results of the competition.

Question 12 Is it possible to receive an increased scholarship?

Of course, subject to excellent academic performance.

Question 15 What diploma is received at the end of the Higher College?

After graduating from the Higher College, the graduate receives a diploma of Kazakhstan and an international certificate. In addition, after graduating from the applied bachelor's program, the graduate receives not only a diploma of secondary specialized education obtained in APEC PetroTechnic High College LLP, but also a post-secondary diploma.

Question 16 Who leads the classes?

Kazakhstan teachers. All of them teach exclusively in English. Each of the teaching staff passed a foreign internship or studied abroad.

Question 17 Do graduates work?

Vacancy fairs are regularly held at which the largest foreign and Kazakh companies are present. Students are taught how to behave correctly at the interview, how to correctly draw up a resume. In other words, absolutely all conditions for successful employment are created. The rest depends on the student, whether he will be able to attract the employer.

Question 18 How long does the training last?

The term of study is 2 years 10 months after the 11th grade, college or university. And 3 years 10 months after the 9th grade. Applied Bachelor's degree is 3 years 10 months.

Question 19 Is there a special form of clothing?

The dress code is free.

Question 20 How do students spend their free time?

There are several student clubs in the college. Everyone can realize himself in any direction, KVN or scientific activity.

Question 21 Is there an opportunity for academic exchange?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such possibility. However, in the future it is planned to launch a similar project.

Question 22 Can I transfer from another college to APEC PetroTechnic?

It all depends on the conditions of your training. This question should be clarified directly by phone 76 04 56.

Question 23 Is it true that after graduating from APEC PetroTechnic, graduate can get a KBTU diploma?

Since 2018-2019 academic year our college and KBTU has been implementing the applied bachelor's program. According to this, after the successful completion of 3 years of training at APEC PetroTechnic, the 4th year, graduate studies under KBTU program.

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