This issue will be solved through the localization of International educational programs at state colleges in Atyrau. According to the estimates of the Fircroft recruitment agency, over the next three years more than 50, 000 working specialists will be required in the Atyrau region. At the same time, the labor market can offer not more than 25, 000 specialists from Kazakhstan who meet the requirements of international oil and gas operators to have international certificates. The most responsible companies decided to prepare for the shortage of personnel in advance.

Just recently in Atyrau a solemn ceremony of convocation for third-year students of APEC PetroTechnic with a trade of Electric was conducted. 30 APEC students studied for free under the international program, at the expense of the potential employer. The company KazOilTech for the past few years sent its employees to the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology for training and obtaining of international certificates. In total, the company trained 60 specialists and spent 10 million US dollars. However, this year, KazOilTech, together with APEC PetroTechnic, began to localize the training and provide accreditation services for trade students as per the European standards. For this purpose, professional instructors of the Maltese College were brought to Atyrau, who in the future will train the APEC instructors and accredit APEC PetroTechnic State College so that workers can receive international certificates without leaving Atyrau. “During the three years of the project’s existence, we clearly see what we have spent funds for. We hvae got good professionals, loyal to the company. 60% of the students we have trained, do not just want to work with us, they want to work in Kazakhstan. They are in their country, so we are not afraid of professional specialists’ leakage. We know that other companies prefer to go the easy way, they hire foreign specialists with the necessary certificates, not wanting to waste their time on local ones. But as soon as the project ends, they lose those people” – says Vladimir Balyuk, Director of KazOilTech. Currently, in the Atyrau region there is an increased demand for the following trades and specialties: Crane Operator of category 6, 7, 8, Equipment Operator, Pipe Fitter, Electrical Technician, Slinger, Instrumentation Engineer, Valve Repair Technician, Electric Welder and others. At the same time, hundreds of unemployed are still registered at the Employment Center.

If other companies join such an initiative, they will get an increase in the level of local content, and at the same time they will gain quality and loyal employees. All students who have studied under the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology program will receive certificates, which are registered at the online portal and can be confirmed in any country.

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